RCS Virtual Branches

The Royal Commonwealth Society’s international network is a valuable source of contacts, advice, mutual support and fellowship for our supporters. Thousands strong and growing, the network draws from every Commonwealth nation, integrating individuals, branches and regions within civil society, government and commerce.

With nine branches across the country, the Royal Commonwealth Society of Canada has members from coast to coast. After 150 years, we still have an eye on growing our Society through the establishment of new branches.

To measure interest in the growth of its network, RCS Canada has launched its new expansion project. Facebook users can join one of four “virtual branches” for the following areas below. Please note, if you are not a Facebook user or do not see your area listed, please email info@rcs.ca to express your interest in joining a new RCS branch near you.

RCS Virtual Branches Locations


211 Bronson Centre, Room 102B
Ottawa, Ontario  K1R 6H5  Canada