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The Royal Commonwealth Society was founded in 1868 to promote the British Empire. But today its focus is centered on improving education for young people across the Commonwealth of Nations. Its goal is to raise the profile of the modern Commonwealth and the values that support it. Its members are interested in the world around them and are devoted to making it better... Learn More

About RCS Canada

The Royal Commonwealth Society of Canada (RCS) is both a learned Society and club, non-partisan, independent of governments and supported solely by public generosity. The RCS engages with its youth, civil society, business and government networks to address issues that matter to the Citizens of the Commonwealth. Its primary focus is to the promotion of young people throughout the Commonwealth.

The Royal Commonwealth Society of Canada has six affirmations, which underline the intrinsic values which the entire Royal Commonwealth Society of Canada shares, regardless of religion.

Six Affirmations


We affirm our respect for the whole of the natural world and acknowledge our responsibility for exercising our stewardship with care and consideration for all its elements.


We affirm our common faith in the dignity and unique worth of the human person, independent of colour, class or creed.


We affirm our common faith in the need to establish justice for every individual and through common effort to secure peace and reconciliation between nations.


We affirm our common faith in the need to assert the supremacy of love in all human relationships.


We affirm our membership of one of the human family and our concern to express it in service and sacrifice for the common good.


We affirm that the aim of the Royal Commonwealth Society is to promote consultation, cooperation and friendship throughout the Commonwealth, with Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of the Commonwealth.

"The Commonwealth offers a pathway for this greater understanding and the opportunity to expand upon our shared experiences in a wider world. A world in which paths to mutual respect and common cause may also be explored and, which can draw us together, stronger and better than before."

HM Queen Elizabeth II

Head of the Commonwealth

Kamalesh Sharma was India’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom before he became the Commonwealth Secretary-General.

During his career he has served as the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General to Timor Leste and India’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York and Geneva.

Kamalesh Sharma of India

The Commonwealth Secretary-General (2008-)

"In 100 years' time, historians may well judge that one of Britain's greatest gifts to humanity was the Commonwealth."

Arnold Smith of Canada

The Commonwealth Secretary-General (1965-1975)